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Almir Atlic | UX/UI and Visual Designer


Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a user experience, user interface and visual designer with over 20 years of experience. I like to see myself as a complete, full-stack UX designer who can hand-code the front end. In the past, I worked as part of the team, leading teams and projects and working as a sole designer and developer. These are some of my favourite works.

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Bosch Automotive | Grade X: Vehicle Diagnostic Software

User Experience and User Interface design

Grade X, a Bosch vehicle diagnostic tool, is browser-based software used by a technician to check the status of a vehicle and detect possible problems.

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Shell | Customer Chemical Portal

User Interface design

Leading User Interface design development of responsive Salesforce-based e-commerce Shell Customer Chemical Portal to ensure existing clients about the continuation and improvement of the service and product quality and further expanding clients database.

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Problem Solving | Two short case studies

These are small projects showing the quick solution to a problem. But, sometimes we have to think outside of the box!

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